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Namma Bengaluru Bull Temple

Namma Bengaluru Bull Temple

This monolithic structure is a religious shrine that is unique and sacred for people in Bengaluru. Located in Basavanagudi, the Temple is positioned at the southern end of Bull Temple Road and the term ‘Basavanagudi’ itself is derived from the word ‘Basava’, which means ‘Bull’.

The temple exudes Dravidian style of architecture said to be built by Kempe Gowda in 1537 A.D. atop the Bungle Hills and below sits the shrine of Lord Ganesha which goes by the name of Dodda Ganesha Temple known for it’s humongous size and alankaras with butter during festival seasons.

The special attraction of the basava temple is a enormous size of bull – as the story goes where the temple was built to pacify a raging bull that would often gnaw at the groundnut fields nearby and people wanted to please the bull as it’s considered the sacred mount to Lord Shiva.

mala Chandrashekar bull temple

The bull carved out of a single granite stone – extends to 5 meters in height and 6 meters in its length and is believed to be continuous growing further! It is said – A trident was placed on the forehead of the bull on the advice of Lord Shiva, to prevent the bull from growing further.

If you are in Bangalore – This is a must visit , consider exploring the local areas extending basavanagudi that showcases the old world charm of the ‘real bengaluru’.



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