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The Bird Song

The Bird Song


Long long ago , the emperor of a different galaxy returned home from a victorious battle that brought them peace and ended all forms of animosity.

He and his army of warriors were welcomed with a great deal of pompousness and profusion of celebrations for their dedication and sacrifices for putting up with all the hardships including living away from their beloved families over the years.


As the emperor reclaimed the throne and addressed the subjects – he waited and looked everywhere for his daughter, his only family and as his eyes finally met with hers – she cheered for her father, the savior of the land.


sarus crane story


As the guests descended to end the night of celebrations – the emperor saw that the princess had left the dinner long before. He went in search of her and found her gazing at the stars far beyond.


He saw a sudden shift in her pale face, she seemed lost and vaned, he asked her what was she trying to hide from her old father – The princess replied that whilst she never felt less protected in her own land, she was seemingly so lonely in the palace all these years until she said ‘I found someone’ with glitter  in her eyes .


She seemed visibly very shy and the emperor knew that look of emotion on her face. He held her face and asked her warmly – ‘who is this charming young prince who has kept my daughter’s day and night shining with his memories ?’


‘He is no prince but a mere weaver from a far off land – this pretty white gown is his creation’. The emperor fumed as he learnt that his only daughter’s love belonged to a mere peasant and not to a worthy clan.


He pulled her through the doorway, up into a dark dungeon and locked her up with his sturdy hands declaring – ‘you both shall never live together as long as the human form exists’ he cursed and as he thundered below the stairway – ‘But, I love him father’. He heard a meek voice of his daughter, the cries that he never wanted to hear.


Months passed as the cries became weaker and the emperor saw that his daughter had wilted- she had just a few moments to live, he rushed into her dungeon picked her up from the corner and saw that she was draped in the white silk like feathery gown – the same dress that he had last seen her in. He could no longer bear the pain his little girl was going through and asked her if there was anyway to make her happy again.


father and daughter


She looked into his eyes and asked him to let her go to the love of her life as she knew he would be waiting for her, even in death..


The emperor was moved by the immense fondness and gravity of their love, although he couldn’t take back his curse .. he blessed her with a boon, to live with her beloved as birds in love.


sarus cranes love


The princess was overwhelmed with joy and slowly closed her eyes filled in peace as she transformed into a beautiful silky feathered snowy crane and flew beyond the galaxy to live with her beloved ever after.


sarus cranes love bharatpur


Such is the beauty of the Sarus Crane’s lives, synonymously together and perhaps when you find them to witness their magical love call and display of warmth and love beyond horizons.




PS – This is a story created out of fictional characters from my imagination. No cranes or Kings were harmed during the writing of this story 😉 
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