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Gentle Jumbo

Gentle Jumbo

They say elephants never forgets.. what they don’t tell you is neither do you forget even the smallest encounter with this magnificent gentle giant.. !

dubare elephant camp sassy southindian

A favorite of the lot, Karnataka is home to approximately 6000+ elephants and we owe these majestic animals a sustained applause for possibly making the dussera festivity a glorious one with their presence and prep.

There was a period where wild elephants would be caught and tamed to help in domestic activities such as logging and transportation- during such periods, these elephants would undergo training at a forest camp – and one such places was Dubare.

room view dubare camp

Situated on the banks of the river Kaveri in Kodagu, Karnataka – Dubare is now primarily now a forest camp, a shelter house for the elephants maintained by Karnataka Forest Department.

As on today, the logging operations are considered illegal and have ceased operations across Karnataka and Dubare is more so an exploratory, learning ground to observe and know more about these majestic giants.

jungle lodges dubare camp

Dubare which serves as a holiday retreat (via JLR) is open to tourists who would love to spend time with these sweet-tempered giants, go on nature walks with birding, take up safari rides..

..and the best part?

elephant bathing scrubbing dubare camp sassy southindian

You can even give these elephants a bath in here!



elephant camp


So, make a visit to this giant-smart-mammoth and make the best of your vacay!


Note – The river Kaveri swells up during peak monsoons and one needs to get prior information about the availability and accommodation via JLR.


P.S. I am presenting here my understanding and perspective in a condensed format to keep the blog short and interesting. You could comment below if you wish to know more in detail about any specific portion of the story/ photographs mentioned.

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