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Temples of Thailand

Temples of Thailand

‘It’s not the religion that defines us.. it’s the faith beyond, we choose to follow that makes us powerful within!’

The temples at Thailand, known as ‘wats’ are monuments that exude mysticism, glory and faith.
Both the interiors and exteriors speak volumes and the great lengths that goes through during that time construction and making of such magnanimous structures.

As a traveler, one gets to see the complex roofs, the intricate decorations and the symbolism with each carvings in the temple outlook – these structures that gives a visually harmonious architectural feel on a whole.



One of the most important aspect these ‘wats ‘ have in common is the usage of colors that are legendary to the Thai culture. Each temple is adorned in predominantly colors such as white and yellow gold, alongside the large red, emerald and gold embellished interiors.


What does these colors signify:



As for most of the religious beliefs, the concept of using ‘white’ stands for purity. With respect to the Buddhist philosophy – the color white is a way for us to escape from the worldly temptations, desires, ego and focus on the mind without greed.



As per the Buddhist teachings go – it is said that white is also a major symbolism of ‘wisdom that shines brightly all over the Earth and the Universe’.


Color Gold



In Buddhism, the color gold symbolises sun or the fire- the mixing gold with any other elements is considered inauspicious as it dilutes the natural brilliance of the gold. Therefore, the gold used in the Buddhist fine art is always pure – and mostly referred to as Yellow gold for it’s Stark appearance in comparison.



Whether used for fine arts, sculpting or paintings the gold is always of the purest 24 karat form and would be in true representation for it’s natural brilliance and purity as The Sun God.



As far as the Buddhist architecture goes, the art forms is said to have consistently evolved from basic traditional principles and yet as per Buddhist philosophy goes – The imageries represented are unique and is never concerned with imitating any other forms or ways of the external world.


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