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Kuduremukha – A shola grassland landscape

Kuduremukha – A shola grassland landscape


Kudremukha – a shola grassland landscape and a challenge to every trekkers dream to ascend at least once to the acclaimed third highest peak on Karnataka, about 1,894 metres above sea level.


clouds kudremukh trekking


The name literally means horse face, as a particular side of the mountain looks like the face of a horse, with the path covering breath taking views of the western ghats and teaming with wildlife.



Trekking this peak is considered moderate to difficult depending on the weather and the route chosen which is approximately 9 kms one side and a total of 18 kms- generally the zig-zag and uphill trail will often get you across many streams in between the trek paths where, one can stop for a breather and taste the ever sweet and refreshing water of the western ghats.

stream kudremukh camp

The best time to visit would be just as the winter starts, since the land will be infested by leeches in the rainy season and the difficulty to trek will only increase in the other months due to incessant rains or the ever hot sun above your head.

Although the ascend is tough – the mist covered mountains and the clouds so close above you – the trek is completely worth it.


mala chandrashekar at kudremukh


You are required to get permission from forest office before hand, for trekking and accommodation alongside a guide or forest watcher who would be the guide for the trek all this for a nominal fee as decided by the Karnataka Forest Department.

Go along trek this adventure with like minded folks and make memories for a lifetime!


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