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Hampi-A place to belong!

Hampi-A place to belong!

People often ask me..
Why do I visit Hampi every year?
What new would I find in a place  that is supposedly in ruins?
Or Is it something to do with me being a ‘SouthIndian’?


and my only answer is..


There is often more to see than what meets the eye..!
The drives through the curious emptiness, the vast lanes of pillars, the carvings and sculptures that stand broken yet seem to speak volumes,the megaliths standing tall – all of it oozing the yesteryears’ grandeur, which perhaps is only history..yet the beginning of a glorious end..  Hampi surely leaves anyone astounded with it’s charm !


lakshmi narasimha yoganarasimha hampi


..and then there is River Tungabhadra crossing the ruined marvel in such picturesque settings, like this time, while I waited for the ferry ride – The temple elephant was peacefully taking a dip by the river – these scenes calms you down –  and you are overwhelmed with serenity and peace.


hampi tungabhadra river elephant


Visit Hampi – not for you belong to a particular region but, for a feeling of belongingness amidst the ancient splendour.

P.S. I am presenting here my understanding and perspective in a condensed format to keep the blog short and interesting. You could comment below if you wish to know more in detail about any specific portion of the story/ photographs mentioned.
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